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Who loves that feeling on instant attraction? When you see an image and your heart flutters inside your chest. I create these "Shop The Look" edits when I find an image like that.

One of the most common things I hear when people come into the store is "I just don't know how to achieve this in my house. I don't know where to start. I wish you could do it for me". And while I would very much LOVE to (and certainly can!) it's usually not feasible. 

What I suggest for anyone with a love for good design is to start with quality pieces. What can you afford to invest in right now? I would always suggest waiting for the right piece over a cheap, quick fix. 

Look for furniture that grabs hold of your soul and you can't leave behind. Create timeless rooms with high quality design. 

The process should be fun and exciting! 

We have access to a huge furniture catalogue. Come in store or email me to view the range or for any advice - hello@enjoystore

Love and light,

Kate x


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